From a family business to a multi-faceted group of companies

For 40 years, E. VICTOR-MEYER has been importing, processing and distributing minerals in a wide variety of colours and grain sizes for architectural concrete, roads and garden decoration throughout Europe.

From a family business to a multi-faceted group of companies

E. Victor-Meyer S.A., an extraordinary family story

This story begins in 1980 with parents Anita and Erwin in Malmedy on an industrial site that has constantly evolved and currently occupies almost 6 hectares in the industrial area at the entrance to the town.

Since the early 2000s, their two daughters Sabine and Martine and their two sons-in-law Gerd and Raymond have successively followed them into the company, whose development continues unceasingly.

In 2020, the EVM Group employs highly specialised professionals at all its sites, with almost 50 employees, and continues to diversify in its quest for a turnover of €20 million.

Constant development and growth

This diversification has always been accompanied by new challenges that have made it possible to ensure the company's sustainability:

In 1994 a stonemasonry business complemented the decorative gravel and chippings business, from imported noble materials (granite, marble, quartz, ceramics); bit by bit this business was equipped with the best high-precision CNC type machines (with numerical control)

1998: E. Victor-Meyer took over the red marble quarry in Neuville, where two quarries for sand, chippings and gabion stones were operated; our marble is known as "Rouge Royal"...?

2000: E. Victor-Meyer opened its transhipment and storage centre in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau (Albert Canal): covering almost 6 hectares, EVM increased the value of numerous minerals by processing them into construction elements, which were in particular demand in the architectural concrete sector; these aggregate and chippings are valued just as much by concrete manufacturers as by building material dealers or in outdoor installations.

2007: the Hermalle site is equipped with a bagging system for sacks and big bags.

2010: still in Hermalle, the activities were complemented by the commissioning of a plant for filling – by vibration – steel baskets with gabion stones in a wide range of colours; the "Stone-Cubes" by E. Victor-Meyer were now recognised on the market for both road construction and garden decoration.

2017: Hermalle was expanded; by taking over the Collinet company's business, the site doubled its surface area to 12 hectares and its activities were further diversified: EVM was set to continue its development in the future under its own brand PREBEL with the production of structural elements in pre-stressed concrete (prefabricated slabs, lintels, concrete beams, ...).

From 2020, these precast pre-stressed concrete floors will be supplied with Bénor certification, reaffirming the high quality image that the company wants to secure.

The EVM Group: Six areas of activity

  1. Coloured decorative gravel and chippings for architectural concrete and outdoor installations, under the A WORLD OF STONE brand;
  2. Micronised minerals as components of glass fibre, plastics, adhesives, paints, under the MADOL brand;
  3. Production of red marble sand and chippings from our two quarries SAMAVIC, in Neuville;
  4. Stonemasonry company;
  5. Production of structural elements made of pre-stressed concrete, under the PREBEL brand;
  6. Transport with flatbed trucks, under the RISPED brand.
The EVM Group: Six areas of activity

The company stands up for its values!

Awareness of consistently high quality, responsiveness in service, striving for constant growth and innovative state-of-the-art technical development (crushing, screening, washing, drying, micronisation, ...) are the values that the family business has always stood for.

The EVM Group reinforces these values in its role of offering a wide range of creative products for the construction and garden markets at competitive prices.

In addition to the development of new products and alongside its production facilities, one of the company's key challenges concerns the recruitment and retention of qualified staff: for each of its areas of activity, the EVM Group does its utmost to provide mainly internal training and development for its personnel.

The company stands up for its values!

Environmental protection and ecology

EVM Group works tirelessly to improve its carbon footprint

  • For years, we have preferred waterway transport (maritime and inland waterways) for the import of our decorative gravel and chippings.
  • We have a fleet of gas-powered trucks and construction machinery.
  • We closely follow all practices and technologies that allow us to limit noise and dust pollution.
  • We strive for energy independence, especially through the use of solar panels and the installation of two gas-fired combined heat and power units since 2014.