Stone-Cube® stone baskets

Stone baskets, also called gabions, consist of galvanised aluminium baskets filled with stones. They are versatile, have a long service life, low maintenance costs, are very easy to assemble and are also very resistant.

This type of exterior decoration has become an essential element in road construction (pedestrian zones, car parks, roundabouts, ...) and in contemporary exterior decoration: Gabions as demountable walls, privacy screens or slope stabilisation or retaining walls, partition panels, facade cladding, decor, kerbs, columns, kit for rustic benches, ... the applications are limitless!

Stone-Cube® stone baskets - Stone-Cube®

Some technical elements of the Stone-Cube®

  • Filling with gabion stones of choice, ready for use, vibrated and compacted
  • Made of Crapal® wire (zinc-aluminium alloy): min. 350 g/m², diameter 5.6 mm, according to DIN 50021-55
  • Tensile strength 600-650 N/N/mm². Extremely durable product
  • Mesh size of the baskets: 5 x 20 cm
  • Dimensions of the baskets: L: 50, 100, 150, 200 / H: 50, 100 / D: 50, 100 cm
  • Can be moved with a hoist, enormous time saving when setting up
Some technical elements of the Stone-Cube®

Assembly instructions for Stone-Cube®

Can be placed on site directly from the truck with the aid of a crane or forklift.

The gabions are to be placed in an offset arrangement so that the joints do not lie on top of each other.

Before placing the second layer, cavities in the first layer must be filled from above with a smaller grain size.

Assembly instructions for Stone-Cube®