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Quality control

Years of experience, extensive expertise and the highest precision are necessary to continuously develop our unique range of coloured decorative gravel and chippings and to achieve the sought-after colouring and grain size.

At all levels of our production – from the reception and unloading from the ship, to crushing, washing and micronising, to loading and delivery – everything possible is done at EVM to achieve absolute cleanliness every day. For example, all vehicles are thoroughly cleaned after every transport operation; every container is checked to ensure perfect quality and to avoid even the slightest contamination.

It is not least thanks to this rigour that our products stand out from our competitors, especially in the categories of sand and aggregate packed in bags or big bags.

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Our laboratories

Both for our continuously monitored decorative gravel and chippings at our sites in Malmedy, Neuville and Hermalle-sous-Argenteau and for our prefabricated elements made of pre-stressed concrete at the Hermalle-sous-Argenteau site, our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to ensure effective and constant self-monitoring and also enables us to further develop our products technically.

Investments in the purchase of analytical equipment such as a mass spectrometer for product chemistry and an air-flow granulometer that can measure fractions below 63 µ, as well as the acquisition of a press for simple direct compression tests on concrete, ensure and reinforce the company's commitment to quality.

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Quality assurance: Our certifications

Our QA system ensures consistent quality of the properties and characteristics of our products, as well as traceability in accordance with the applicable standards.  Therefore, EVM Group is certified according to the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001 (2015): Certification (quality management) in 1997 and recertification for the Malmedy, Hermalle-sous-Argenteau and Neuville sites.
  • NBN EN 12620+A1 (2013): Certification CE2+ in 2005 and recertification mainly for concrete aggregates from Malmedy and Hermalle-sous-Argenteau.
  • NBN EN 1168+A3 (2011) & NBN EN 15037-1 (2013): Certification CE2+ in 2019 for the prefabricated elements made of pre-stressed concrete of the PREBEL brand (slab deck system and hollow core deck system).
  • NBN B21-605 (2018), national supplement to NBN EN 1168+A3 (2011): Certification BENOR in 2020 for the precast pre-stressed concrete floors.
  • BRL 2401 (…), supplement to prEn 10138 (...): Certification KIWA in 2020, which enables products to be marketed in the Netherlands.